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speculative design, 2011

To contrast this very direct and measurable inprecision between the reality and our internal construct of it, the series "Objects made for Dreams" revereses this process of "Objects made from the Mind". Instead of asking people to reconstruct a mental imprint of a physical reality, the project attempts to create a method to design tools to the world of dreaming.

The core of the work is a definition of a process, which then is manifested in three case studies illustrating how the process works in practice.

The idea is to engage oneself in the making of a tool to be transported to the dream world, to help cope with a recurring situation in the dream. The sound of the process of making a physical tool one attempts to bring to the dream, is recorded, and with the help of a sensor-equipped eye mask, played back at the time of REM-sleep phase. This is to bring the memories of the engagement with the desired tool to the subconscious at the time of active dreaming, thereby making it accessible again.

One subject is weaving a small carpet to help him experience flying in the dream, another one knits a hat to hide from chasers, and a third makes herself an origami key to enable opening locked doors to reach her family in her recurring dream.

Design Report 2/12, 2012

"This Happened ..." in Hamburg, 2011