< me myself and i >

narrative photography, 2009


»Me myself and I« are self-portraits showing the vanity of a person.

The difference to ordinary portraits is, that only fields of the face are shown, which the photographed person really likes - or not.

The volunteers of a photo-casting were invited to attend to a self-portrait-gallery. They thought to fullfill an expectation of the galerist who would select only a few of all pictures for the exhibition. Each model knows, that he or she has something special, a beautiful nose e.g. that he or she wants to show in the gallery. Or the other way around the person has got a blemish that he or she wants to hide. The perception of oneself is very different than by others. The model is more critical to himself, influenced by many feelings and characteristics, kind of narcissist or dissatisfaction.

At the photo-casting everyone can take photos by himself as often he or she likes and decides which picture is the best. But in this moment of controling the picture an eye-tracking camera detects, which fields of the photography the person has watched. Automatically sharp and unsharp fields are going to generate a new self-portrait, that shows, which fields of the face are imortant for the person. Time and number affects the new self-portrait. To invest more time in watching himself means to create almost a complete self-portrait.

LeDeco Gallery, Tokyo, 2010