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Literally Speaking
Literally Speaking
Literally Speaking
twitter sound installation, 2009

in cooperation with
Torsten Posselt

Amongst all Internet communication platforms, Twitter is one of the most growing services during the last years. Due to this popularity a lot of projects emerged dealing with the way Twitter handles information. Literally Speaking does what Twitter claims to be. It transforms the tweets from twitter users into the sound of singing birds. Thousands of Tweets, as the short messages are called, were spread all over the world via the internet and only a few of them seems to be necessary or worth to follow. During political crisis, such as the riots after the Iranian election Twitter gained more attention in terms of an easy and free way of communication. Despite this, following the latest public messages shows clearly how divers and partly of no interest most of the Tweets are. What would happen if all these public tweets were called out by birds?

Literally Speaking was developed to be shown in public exhibitions or places so that everybody could access Twitter just by searching the public messages accordingly to their own keywords. Every found tweet is then instantly translated into birdsounds and send out directly to an instance in an array of birds.

Pixelache Festival Helsinki, 2009

«A Touch of Code» by Gestalten Verlag, 2011