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wifi sound device, 2010

The transfer of data is becoming more and more unvisible. Wireless technologies like mobile phones, RFID, bluetooth and wifi, make sharing information both more ubiquitous and convenient.

The digital wind use the metaphor of the wind. Both real wind and wireless networks alike, change their direction and strength. The „Digital Wind“ instrument transforms the wifi signal of a building or room into sound. As feedback the visitor can hear a real wind sound. A stronger sound corresponds to a better quality of the signal. By walking around with the instrument in his hand, the visitor can interact with the invisible medium around him. He gets a feeling for the strength and shape of the field that is sourrounding him, and thereby gradually becomes a more conscious musician. Having several people interact with multiple instruments, creates an ensemble of wind sound.

LeDeco Gallery, Tokyo, 2010

«A Touch of Code» by Gestalten Verlag, 2011