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research VR/AR, ART+COM, 2020

Sensor-supported movement training for senior citizens in an intelligent Augmented Reality System

funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research 08/2018-08/2021


project by: ART+COM AG, Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Charité, Ascora GmbH
project lead: Yvonne Bialek
workshop & art direction: Martin Luge
design & technological development: Kai Kruschel, Klara Wardetzki, Haruki Saito

The aim of the BewARe project is the development of a technically supported movement and mobility training for seniors with hypertension based on an intelligent augmented reality system. Various exercises from the training components endurance, strength, mobility and coordination will be provided and individual stress norms will be taken into account.

The planned project for the development of a sensor-supported AR system focuses on two essential aspects:

Augmented reality and sensor technology in movement, coordination and reaction training for geriatric medicine. This includes gamification approaches to increase motivation, change behaviour and strengthen resilience and persistence.

AR and sensor technology as an interface for an intelligent system to support senior citizens in health issues. The use of AR glasses makes it possible to record the environment, what is seen or heard, to derive information from it and to return it to the user in a supportive manner by using an intelligent system in the background.