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business ideas in biotechnology, BMBF, 2013

project by Fraunhofer CeRRI
funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
client: the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
project lead: Beate Seewald
concept: Beate Seewald, Martin Kim Luge
art direction: Martin Kim Luge
interior design: Jacqueline Hen
illustrations: Lisette Berndt
event documentation: Tine Papendick

Seeking to identify promising research trajectories in the life sciences and to motivate young scientists to start businesses, Innovation Academy 2013 expands Discover Markets’ method to foster consumer-centered business ideas in biotechnology. In a series of specifically designed co-ideational sessions, which are held in enabling spaces and utilize a range of original interaction formats, groups of people with a wide range of skills and professional backgrounds explore public preferences, identify potential markets, and conceptualize projects.

In particular, this project demonstrates how Fraunhofer CeRRI's methods can be adapted to the specifics of particular research fields and supplement research management with business modelling.