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support for people with limited mobility, Fraunhofer CeRRI, 2012-2015

project by Fraunhofer CeRRI
funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
project lead: Beate Seewald
concept: Beate Seewald, Martin Kim Luge
art direction: Martin Kim Luge
prototyping: Valerian Blos
photos by Sandra Riedel

Akrobatik@home seeks to provide an opportunity for both physical support and consistent interactive physical therapy to people with limited mobility who, for example, suffer from rheumatism, age-related issues, and, in particular, malformation of limbs.

This web-connected home trainer is being jointly developed both by a range of organizations and a group of laypersons affected by the drug thalidomide. This group’s input will determine, for the most part, this device’s final design and features. Through collaboration with a group of people harmed by thalidomide, previously unimagined approaches were able to be developed into innovative products and services for the assistive technology market. In particular, the project is expanding Discover Markets’ method of centering research and development on the user’s perspective.